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Alex Lee & Kyle Wightman, better known as BRTHR. Born in Tokyo and New York, these two creative souls have been making waves in the music video scene with their unique, high-energy style.

Dubbed "the most influential music video directors" of the decade, and it's easy to see why. BRTHR's work is a colorful cocktail of pop culture, cinematic moments, wild visual effects, and 3D goodness, all tied together with their signature editing flair. It's no wonder they're turning heads and redefining the music video landscape.

What makes BRTHR even more impressive? Their hands-on approach to filmmaking. From shooting and editing to coloring and animating, these guys are the real deal, doing it all themselves.

Dazed Magazine couldn't resist adding them to their 100s list of visionary talent, and ID hailed them as "the directors making videos epic again."